AD8479 Difference Amplifier

By Analog Devices Inc 58

AD8479 Difference Amplifier

The Analog Devices AD8479 is a difference amplifier with a very high input common-mode voltage range. The AD8479 is a precision device that allows the user to accurately measure differential signals in the presence of high common-mode voltages up to ±600 V. The AD8479 can replace costly isolation amplifiers in applications that do not require galvanic isolation. The device operates over a ±600 V common-mode voltage range and has inputs that are protected from common or differential mode transients up to ±600 V.

The AD8479 has low offset, offset drift, gain error drift and common-mode rejection drift, and excellent CMRR over a wide frequency range.

The AD8479 is available in a space-saving 8-lead SOIC package. It is operational over the −40°C to +125°C temperature range.

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