Bluetooth and MSP430 Audio Sink Reference Design

By Texas Instruments 319

Bluetooth and MSP430 Audio Sink Reference Design

Texas Instruments' Bluetooth + MSP430 audio sink reference design can be used by customers to create a variety of applications for low-end, low-power audio solutions. Some application possibilities include toys, low-end Bluetooth speakers, and audio streaming accessories. This reference design is a cost-effective audio implementation and with full design files provided, allows you to focus your efforts on application and end-product development. Software supported on this reference design includes Stonestreet One Bluetopia Bluetooth stack (certified and royalty-free).

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  • Enables Bluetooth audio (SBC encode/decode) with low-cost, low-power MSP430F5229
  • Design offloads audio processing from MCU to the Bluetooth device which enables low-power audio
  • Cost effective low-end wireless audio solution with a four-layer layout and QFN packages
  • Core of the solution is TI's CC2564 which is best-in-class Bluetooth performance (+12 dBm output power)
  • Design also uses TI's low-power digital input speaker amplifier (TAS2505) and USB charge management device (BQ24055)
  • CC256x and Bluetopia stack both have Bluetooth Subsystem QDIDs allowing you to only need a Bluetooth end-product listing

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