EML15 Series AC-DC Power Supplies

By XP Power 88

EML15 Series AC-DC Power Supplies

XP Power's EML15 series of 15 W single output AC-DC power supplies is suitable for use in medical equipment. Complying with 3rd edition EN60601-1, ES60601-1, CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1, IEC60601-1 medical safety standards, this extremely-compact power supply is believed to be the smallest device at this power rating available in the industry. The supply provides two means of patient protection (MOPP) between primary and secondary. Measuring just 2.44 x 1.21 x 0.95 inches (62.0 x 30.7 x 24.4 mm) for the open-frame PCB mount version, the EML15 occupies very little board space and also offers a very-high power density for this type of supply of 5.3 W per cubic inch. With its Class II construction no earth connection is required, this being ideal where a reliable ground connection may not be available.

Eight single-output models are available in the common nominal output voltages from 3.3 VDC to 48 VDC. A peak load capability allows the EML15 to provide 130% of rated output power in order to accommodate short-term high power loads. This approach allows designers to avoid having to specify a higher rated power supply and saves both extra cost and board space.

The EML15 series is convection cooled and able to operate in most environments with a wide temperature range of – 25°C to +70°C. Derating is applied above +50°C. No forced air flow or additional heat sinking is required.

The series meets the limits for Class B conducted and radiated EMC specifications of EN55022 without the need for any additional external filtering components.

Features and Benefits
  • Compact size
  • Medical approvals
  • Single outputs from 3.3 to 48 V
  • PCB mount, open frame and chassis mount
  • Encapsulated PCB and chassis mount
  • Class II
  • Peak load capability