INA300 Current-Sense Comparator

By Texas Instruments 122

INA300 Current-Sense Comparator

Texas Instruments' INA300 is a high common-mode, current-sensing comparator that is configured to detect overcurrent conditions through measuring the voltage developed across a current-sensing or shunt resistor. The device can measure this differential voltage signal on common-mode voltages that can vary from 0 V up to 36 V, independent of the supply voltage. The device features an adjustable threshold range that is set using a single external limit-setting resistor. A selectable hysteresis feature enables adjustable operation of the comparator to accommodate the wide input signal range of 0 mV to 250 mV.

An open-drain alert output on the device can be configured to operate in either a transparent mode where the output status follows the input state or in a latched mode where the alert output is cleared when the latch is cleared. The device response time setting is selectable, enabling overcurrent alerts to be issued in as quickly as 10 µs.

  • Wide common-mode range:
    • 0 V to 36 V
  • Selectable response times: 10 µs, 50 µs, 100 µs
  • Programmable threshold:
    • Adjustable using a single resistor
    • Programmable from 0 mV to 250 mV
  • Accuracy:
    • Offset voltage: ±500 µV (max)
    • Offset voltage drift: 0.5 µV/°C (max)
  • Active quiescent current: 135 µA (max)
  • Selectable hysteresis:
    • 2mV, 4 mV, 8 mV
  • Selectable disable mode:
    • Disabled quiescent current: 3.5 µA (max)
    • Disabled input bias current: 500 nA (max)
  • Open-drain output with latch mode available

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