Large Can DirectFET® MOSFETs

By Infineon Technologies 175

Large Can DirectFET® MOSFETs

The 7 mm x 9 mm x 0.7 mm large can devices provide superior RDS(on) performance leading to lower-conduction losses and improved system-efficiency. Similar to small and medium can DirectFET® devices, the large can provides dual-side cooling that can maximize thermal transfer and help increase power density. DirectFET® also has the optimum die-to-footprint ratio, leading to a reduction in board space. Combined with its ultra-low profile (0.7 mm), it is the ideal solution for space constrained, high-power industrial power designs.

As with the entire DirectFET® family, the industrial large can has wire bond-free construction for improving reliability performance. The DirectFET® package meets all RoHS requirements such as a completely lead-free bill of materials, and is well-suited for long-lifecycle designs. Alternative high-performance packages feature lead die attach under RoHS exemption 7(a) which is due to expire in 2016.

With the addition of the large can, DirectFET® continues to lead the industry as one of the most-reliable and highest-performing MOSFET packages on the market. By offering a significantly smaller-footprint than traditional large plastic surface-mount power packages like D²PAK, and, in addition to the ability to top-side cool, the large can DirectFET® family is ideally suited for space constrained long-life industrial power designs.