Motor Controller and Driver ICs

By Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 147

Motor Controller and Driver ICs

Toshiba develops its Motor Controller and Driver ICs in its leading-edge BiCMOS and BiCD (Bipolar+CMOS+DMOS) processes. The BiCD process combines the analog advantages of bipolar devices, with the digital and low-power consumption benefits of MOSFETs, as well as the high-power capabilities of DMOS devices. The family consists of brushed DC motor driver ICs, brushless DC motor controller/driver ICs, stepping motor driver ICs, and combination motor driver ICs.

Brushed DC Motor Driver ICs (Bridge Drivers)

Toshiba provides low-cost brushed DC motor driver ICs as a cost-effective way to control motion in a range of products including home and office appliances, pumps, robotics, electronic and radio-controlled toys, computer numerical control (CNC) machines, and many other rotary applications. Toshiba bridge drivers (H-Switch) for brushed DC motors are used for switching between forward and reverse rotation (stop and braking operations are also available).

Brushless DC Motor Controller/Driver ICs

Toshiba three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor driver ICs provide excellent performance characteristics with or without position sensors. Sensor-based BLDCs are used when the initial load is unknown or it varies, or when high initial torque is required. Sensor-less BLDC motors are typically used in fans where they save Hall sensors and wiring. Typical applications include power tools, refrigerator/cooling (compressors) and HVAC (e.g. fan).

Stepping Motor Driver ICs

Toshiba offers a wide selection of stepper motor driver ICs to meet automation and budget requirements, including high-precision/high-speed devices that generate sine-wave currents by using micro-stepping to enable high-speed and low-noise motor drive. These bipolar motor driver ICs generate more power without increasing motor weight compared to unipolar motor driver ICs. The devices are available with reset and enable pins, internal PWM current control, and an internal thermal-shutdown circuit.

Combination Motor Driver ICs

The Toshiba next-generation combination motor driver ICs feature low noise, high-speed and high-accuracy control for general purpose and battery-powered applications. Using proprietary production and circuit technologies, the ICs are designed for different drive modes, can support DC motors as well as stepper motors and can be used to drive several motors with one chip. High-speed and efficient power control is achieved with PWM, constant-current or direct PWM, on the order of several hundred kHz. The devices are available with an independent, power-saving, standby-mode control function, a through current prevention function for the output driver section by dead time control (Typ.= 300 ns), a built-in thermal shutdown (TSD) circuit, and a Vcc power supply under voltage detection (UVLO) circuit.

  • Four types of motor controller and driver ICs for a range of applications
  • Leading-edge BiCMOS and BiCD (Bipolar+CMOS+DMOS) processes
  • Broad range of package sizes and a selection of small package sizes
  • Wide operating supply voltage range
  • The combination motor driver ICs feature highspeed pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • The brushless DC motor controller and driver ICs include a sine wave PWM drive controller and a high-voltage driver integrated in a single package
  • The TB6586FG/AFG motor controller IC employs a lead angle control function that enables highly efficient driving of three-phase brushless motors