RF Coaxial Board-to-Board Connectors

By TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 90

RF Coaxial Board-to-Board Connectors

TE Connectivity innovative compression coaxial board-to-board connectors are designed as single-piece, blind-mating connectors with a spring-loaded contact. This design eliminates the need for multiple soldering operations and promotes simplicity in PCB organization with lower applied product costs.

TE Connectivity compression coaxial board-to-board RF connector product line meets the space and cost efficiency necessities of a growing range of applications. Before compression coaxial technology, board-to-board RF connections were achieved by incorporating either two cable connectors or two connectors and a third bullet spacer. TE Connectivity innovative board-to-board, low profile coaxial connector consists of a single-piece, blind-mating connector with a spring-loaded contact to achieve simplicity in printed circuit board (PCB) organization and to lower applied product costs.

TE Connectivity offers compression coaxial board-to-board RF connectors in four sizes to meet a variety of minimal board spacing including 14 mm, 10 mm, 6.65 mm, and 4 mm. TE Connectivity will also design additional connector sizes to meet customers' specific PCB spatial needs.

TE Connectivity compression coaxial board-to-board RF connectors have been developed with large radial and axial misalignment to physically position the printed circuit boards being connected and to manage spatial gaps between connecting boards. These innovative connectors are typically designed with gold plated phosphor bronze or brass contacts for PCB connection. Tin plated contact pads and gold plated disks are also available from TE Connectivity for further connection enhancement. The connectors integrate surface mount technology (SMT) for direct target board blind-mating. This use of standard pick-and-place connection eliminates risk of soldering damage during the mating and un-mating of the connector.

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  • Large radial and axial misalignment; for positioning both boards and for gap between boards
  • Available in four sizes for varied board spacing: 14 mm, 10 mm, 6.65 mm, and 4 mm
  • Surface mount device for standard pick and place compatibility
  • Low applied material and assembly costs
  • Easy connection without risk of breaking soldering or connector when mating or un-mating
  • Gold plated phosphor bronze and brass contacts, stainless steel springs
  • Single connector design - no mating connectors needed
  • Mating directly on target board
  • Modular parallel board-to-board blind mate applications
  • Base station/sub station systems
  • Wireless communications systems (GSM, PCS, WCDMA, UMTS)
  • PDA
  • PCS
  • Cellular handset applications