SX9510 Capacitive Touch Sensor

By Semtech 195

SX9510 Capacitive Touch Sensor

Semtech's SX9510 touch sensor controller includes 8-channels of LED drivers, a buzzer, IR detector and analog outputs designed ideally for TV applications. The SX9510 also offers proximity sensing.

The SX9510 operates autonomously using a set of programmable button sensitivities and thresholds, plus LED intensities and breathing functions with no external I2C communication required.

All devices feature three individual LED driver engines for advanced LED lighting control. On the SX9510, a proximity detection illuminates all LEDs to a pre-programmed intensity. Touching a button will enable the corresponding LED to a preprogrammed mode such as intensity, blinking or breathing.

Whenever the capacitive value changes from either a proximity detection or finger touch/release, the controller informs the host processor through the analog output(s) or an open drain interrupt and an I2C register read.

The SX9510 does not require additional external dynamic programming support or setting of parameters and will adapt to humidity and temperature changes to guarantee correct touch/no touch information.

  • Separate core and I/O supplies
    • 2.7 V – 5.5 V core supply voltage
    • 1.65 V – 5.5 V I/O supply voltage
  • 8 - button capacitance controller
    • Capacitance offset compensation to 40 pF
    • Adaptive measurements for reliable proximity and button detection
  • Proximity sensing (SX9510)
    • High sensitivity
    • LEDs activated during Proximity Sense
  • 8-channel LED controller and driver
    • Blink and breathing control
    • High current, 15 mA LED outputs
  • 2-channel analog output, 6-bit DAC programmable control
  • Support metal overlay UI design (SX9510)
  • Infra red detector for Power-On signaling and LED feedback
    • Programmable address with eight commands
    • Compatible with NEC, RC5, RC6, Toshiba, RCA, and more
  • Simple (400 kHz) I2C serial interface
    • Interrupt driven communication via NIRQ output
  • Power-On Reset, NRST Pin and Soft Reset
  • Low power
    • Sleep, proximity sensing: 330 μA
    • Operating: 600 μA
  • -40°C to +85°C operation
  • 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm, 20-lead QFN package
  • 4.4 mm x 7.8 mm, 24-lead TSSOP package
  • Pb and Halogen-free, RoHS/WEEE compliant


  • LCD TVs, monitors
  • White gods
  • Consumer products, instrumentation, automotive
  • Mechanical button replacement