UCC28630 Flyback Controller

By Texas Instruments 113

UCC28630 Flyback Controller

Texas Instruments' UCC28630 targets high-power, primary-side regulated flyback converters. The powerful gate driver and ability to operate in both CCM and DCM make the device suitable for applications with a wide power range. The peak-power mode allows transient peak power delivery up to 200% of nominal rating, with only a 25% peak-current increase, maximizing transformer utilization.

The transformer bias winding is used to sense output voltage for regulation, and for low-loss input voltage sensing. Advanced sampling and processing techniques allow CCM operation, and deliver excellent output voltage regulation performance for optocouplerless designs at power levels of 100 W and higher.

  • High-power, primary-side regulation for output voltage and current, no optocoupler required
  • Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) and Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) operation
  • Built-in 700 V start-up current source
  • Active X-capacitor discharge function
  • Constant-Current (CC) mode limiting
  • High gate-drive current 1 A source and 2 A sink
  • Low-power modes for <30 mW system standby
  • Best-in-class light load (10%) efficiency >85% for 65 W nominal power design
  • Peak-power mode for transient overload
  • Shutdown terminal interface for external NTC

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