IL13 Series IEC Lock Power Cords

By Schaffner EMC Inc 237

IL13 Series IEC Lock Power Cords

Schaffner's IEC Lock power cords lock into any IEC C14 connector or power entry module. This simple and attractive solution does not require the exchange or modification of the power inlet, making it an easy retrofit for all electronic equipment and devices where safe/reliable power connections are a must.

The Schaffner power cords with IEC Lock reduce installation time and material by eliminating the need for bale or clamp accessories, and are easily installed and released from standard IEC 60320 style C14 inlets with the press of a button.

Features Applications
  • Power cord with locking system for IEC inlets
  • Protection class I
  • Suitable for use with any C14 IEC inlet
  • Fits the complete Schaffner IEC inlet filter program with C14 IEC inlet
    • Maximum pin temperature 70°C
    • Data centers
    • Industrial equipment
      • Medical devices
        • In-vitro diagnostic devices
          • Broadcasting stations
            • Mobile applications