JTM Series DC/DC Converter

By XP Power 109

JTM Series DC/DC Converter

XP Power’s JTM series low-power DC/DC converter uses the 1 x 2 inch (25.40 x 50.80 mm) industry-standard mounting format. These converters offer a high efficiency of up to 91% by using the latest design techniques and components and are suitable for a large variety of applications and products. Additionally, by using popular mechanical formats, these isolated and regulated converters are also ideally suited as low cost drop-in replacements for existing designs; saving the need to re-design the PCB layout.

Offering a wide 4:1 input range, both series have 9-36 VDC or 18-75 VDC inputs that cover the nominal input voltages of 12, 24 or 48 VDC. Single-output models offer 3.3, 5, 12 or 15 VDC while dual-output voltages are +/-5, +/-12 or +/-15 VDC. Output voltages are fully regulated to within +/-0.5% over all input ranges and to less than +/-1.0% across all load conditions. The JTM series features an input to output and input/output to case isolation of 1,600 VDC for up to 1 minute.

With a maximum case temperature of +105°C, the units can operate at full output power from -40°C to +60°C without derating. No additional heat sinking or forced airflow is required making the converters suitable for most operating environments.

These highly reliable DC/DC converters comply with MIL-STD-217F for predicted lifetime rated at 560,000 hours.

A remote on/off signal is included as standard, allowing engineers to design-in the ability to sequence converter start-up or control the outputs.