LMX2492 Fractional-N PLL

LMX2492 Fractional-N PLL

Texas Instruments' LMX2492/92-Q1 is a low-noise 14 GHz wideband delta-sigma fractional-N PLL with ramp and chirp generation. It consists of a phase frequency detector, programmable charge pump, and high-frequency input for the external VCO. The LMX2492/92-Q1 supports a broad and flexible class of ramping capabilities, including FSK, PSK, and configurable piecewise linear FM modulation profiles of up to 8 segments. It supports fine PLL resolution and fast ramp with up to a 200 MHz phase detector rate. The LMX2492/92-Q1 allows any of its registers to be read back. The LMX2492/92-Q1 can operate with a single 3.3 V supply. Moreover, supporting up to 5.25 V charge pump can eliminate the need of an external amplifier, leading to a simpler solution with improved phase-noise performance.

  • -227 dBc/Hz normalized PLL noise
  • 500 MHz – 14 GHz wideband PLL
  • 3.15 – 5.25 V charge pump PLL supply
  • Versatile ramp/chirp generation
  • 200 MHz max phase detector frequency
  • FSK/PSK modulation pin
  • Digital lock detect
  • Single 3.3 V supply capability
  • Automotive 125°C Q100 grade 1 qualification
  • Non-automotive (LMX2492) option

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