LSP Series LED Thermally Protected Surge Protectiv

LSP Series LED Thermally Protected Surge Protectiv

The LSP05 and LSP10 Surge Protection Modules from Littelfuse provide transient overvoltage protection for outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures. They provide robust surge current handling capability. The close proximity of the integrated thermal element to the Varistor body ensures quick response to lightning-induced surges or nearby load switching. Applications include outdoor and commercial LED lighting, including roadway and traffic lighting, digital signage, and service entrance, parking garage/lot, flood, tunnel, and street lighting.

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  • Maximum lightning surge current: 20,000 A (LSP10); 10,000 A (LSP05)
  • Thermally protected varistor technology
  • Series connected option for LSP10 module provides clear indication of SPD replacement by turning off luminaire
  • IP66 water- and dust-proof
  • Indication wire options
  • UL1449 Type 4 component assembly recognition; IEC61643-11 Class II and EN 61643-11 Type 2 compliance
  • Compact form-factor (48 x 48 x 30 mm) with mounting tabs


  • Optimized surge immunity solution to protect outdoor LED fixture investments
  • Internal varistors thermally protected to prevent failure due to end-of-life or continuous overvoltage faults
  • Clear indication of SPD replacement prevents future surge damage to luminaire
  • Flexible outdoor installation locations, inside or outside of luminaire, top or bottom at lighting pole, in transformer box or on distribution panel
  • Facilitates an indicating/monitoring circuit for SPD replacement for parallel-connected modules
  • Suitable for lighting fixture used around the world
  • Small size makes it easier to mount inside luminaire; mounting tabs simplify installation and replacement