NC/NO 5 Series Switches

By MEC Switches 188

NC/NO 5 Series Switches

Normally closed/normally open (NC/NO) function means that the switch has an active circuit when not activated and when one pushes the switch, the initial contact breaks and a new contact is made. The function is also known as SPDT – single pole double throw. Having an active circuit when not activated adds the benefit of safety and security. MEC's switch gives feedback to the system that is still operational and able to function when necessary.

  • Life cycles >1,000,000
  • Three-standard actuation forces: 2.0 N, 3.5 N, and 6.5 N
  • Sealing IP67
  • Robustness 100 N
  • Low-contact resistance <30 mΩ
  • Recommended load 0.5-50 mA, 24 VDC
  • NC (make)
  • NO (brake)
  • NC/NO (switch over; multifunction)

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