Precision Wirewound Resistors in Axial and Radial

By Riedon 104

Precision Wirewound Resistors in Axial and Radial

Riedon’s precision resistors are designed for critical applications that require very accurate and stable resistance values. Precision resistors are normally specified when the wattage requirements are relatively low, and when high accuracy and stability are necessary. They are available in a subminiature series, the standard 100 series, and special low-reactance version for fast rise time applications.

These precision resistors are non-inductively wound on molded bobbins. The solderable and weldable leads are tinned copper. Internally, they are welded for highest precision and reliability. All precision resistors are aged to insure stability. A protective coating insulates the windings and protects the welds. The bobbin is encapsulated using a specially formulated epoxy so temperature expansion coefficients of all materials are closely matched.

Features Applications
  • High TCR is available
  • Power rating to 2 W
  • Tolerance to +0.005%
  • Resistances to 6 MΩ
  • Matched resistance sets to +0.001% and 0.5 ppm/°C
  • Operating temperature -55 to 145°C
  • Temperature compensation in many instruments and transducers
  • Test instrumentation
  • Weighing scales
  • Calibration systems