Type 380LQ Aluminum Capacitors

By Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) 234

Type 380LQ Aluminum Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier's type 380LQ is on average 27% smaller and more than 10 mm shorter than type 380LX. This is achieved with a new can-closure method that permits installing capacitor elements into smaller cans. Approaching the capability of the 380LX, the new 380LQ enables you to shrink equipment size and retain the original performance.

  • More capacitance per case
  • Compare to type 380LX
  • Lower voltages down to 16 V
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C ≤ 315 VDC / -25°C to 85°C ≥ 350 VDC
  • Rated voltage range: 16 VDC to 450 VDC
  • Capacitance range: 82 µF to 100,000 µF
  • Load life: 2,000 h at full load at 85°C
  • Capacitance tolerance: ±20%