Type 380LX/382LX Aluminum Capacitors

By Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) 209

Type 380LX/382LX Aluminum Capacitors

The excellent value of type 380L/LX capacitors from CDE finds application in switching power supply input and output circuits and even motor drives where the high surface area of multiple units in parallel approaches the ripple capability of our type 520C computer-grade capacitor. Type 380LX delivers more capacitance per can size while type 380L is available in the largest case sizes and gives lower ESR for the same capacitance. Types 382L and 382LX give the choice of four or five leads for stable, reverse proof mounting.

  • Latest available ratings, worldwide
  • Top performance in power supplies and motor drives
  • Big selection of 46 case sizes
  • Two, four and five leads available
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C ≤ 250 VDC / -25°C to 85°C ≥ 315 VDC
  • Rated voltage range: 16 VDC to 500 VDC
  • Capacitance range 33 µF to 270,000 µF
  • Long life: 3,000 h at full load at 85°C
  • Capacitance tolerance: ±20%