UCC28910 Flyback Switcher

UCC28910 Flyback Switcher

Texas Instruments' UCC28910 is dedicated to isolated flyback power supplies and provides output voltage and current regulation without the use of an optical coupler. The device incorporates a 700 V power FET and a controller that processes operating information from the auxiliary flyback winding and from the power FET to provide precise output voltage and current control.

The integrated high-voltage current source for startup that is switched off during device operation and the controller current consumption that is dynamically adjusted, allows very low stand by power.

  • Constant-Voltage (CV) and Constant-Current (CC) output regulation without optical coupler
  • ±5% output voltage regulation accuracy
  • ±5% output current regulation with AC line and primary inductance tolerance compensation
  • 700 V start-up and smart power management enable best-in-class <30 mW standby power
  • 115 kHz maximum switching frequency enables high power density designs
  • Valley switching and frequency dithering to ease EMI compliance
  • Thermal shut down
  • Low-line and output over voltage protection

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