UIB Series DC/DC Converters

UIB Series DC/DC Converters

Bel Power Solutions introduces a new family of wide input voltage range DC/DC isolated converters (bricks). The Universal Input Brick (UIB) family consists of DOSA-compatible Quarter (UIQ), Eighth (UIE) and Sixteenth (UIS) Brick form-factors that support a wide input voltage range of 18 VDC – 75 VDC and output voltages of 12.0 VDC, 5.0 VDC and 3.3 VDC. The UIB series supplies output power of 240 W for the UIQ, 120 W for the UIE and 72W for the UIS. These series of DC/DC isolated converters provide industry-leading efficiencies above 91% at full load and across the entire input voltage range. The UIB family of products provides the best power density for these DOSA-compatible models in the market today. Digital control coupled with a forward converter topology that incorporates an active clamp allows for this level of performance.

All models support protection for the following events: Over voltage (OVP), Over current (OCP), Over temperature (OTP) and Under voltage (UVLO). All protection schemes allow for recovery to normal operation once the event is over.

The UIB family is available with a baseplate/heat spreader option. Paste-in-Hole (PIH) compatibility is common to all the UIBs including models utilizing the baseplate/heat spreader.

The UIQ, UIE and UIS isolated DC/DC converters can be used in telecom, datacom, instrumentation, test equipment, embedded equipment, servers, and storage equipment, or any application that requires isolation and high performance. The wide input voltage range allows for the same model to be used in systems that utilize 24 VBATT, 48 VBATT or both backplane voltages providing reduction of inventories in such applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-wide input voltage range
  • Paste-In-Hole (PIH) compatible
  • Withstands 100 V input transient for 100 ms
  • Fixed-frequency operation
  • On-board input differential LC-filter
  • Start-up into pre-biased load
  • No minimum load required
  • Minimum of 2,250 VDC I/O isolation
  • Fully protected (OTP, OCP, OVP, UVLO)
  • Positive or negative logic ON/OFF option


  • Intermediate bus architectures
  • Data communications/processing
  • Servers, storage, instrumentation, embedded equipment

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