6900 SC and 6901 ST* Crimplok™ Connectors

6900 SC and 6901 ST* Crimplok™ Connectors

The 3M SC and ST Crimplok connectors are designed to provide the customer with an easily-installed, high-performance, low-cost, epoxy-free, pull-proof multimode connector for use in indoor applications, such as local area networks. The main advantage of these connectors is their ability to give the customer a lower installed cost due to time saved at installation with a minimal initial investment in tooling.

Some mechanical connectors grip the fiber buffer coating which results in poor performance characteristics in initial insertion loss measurements, as well as during temperature cycling. Reliability of this method is also questionable due to differences in buffer coating materials (and tolerances) encountered with different manufacturers. Other mechanical connectors grip the glass portion of the fiber with soft compliant materials, such as plastics, which have demonstrated poor performance characteristics at initial insertion loss and during temperature cycle testing. Reliability is again questionable due to the materials/properties involved, which provide inadequate grip onto the glass fiber.

The 3M SC and ST Crimplok connectors grip the glass fiber with a small Fiberlok™-style element that is integrated inside the backbone of the connectors. Activation of the element is achieved by depressing an element cap located in the backbone. The 6955-T Crimplok Activation Tool, which is part of the 6955 kit, activates the element cap and secures the fiber. The tool also sets the amount of fiber protrusion within strict tolerance limits for faster polishing times. The connector is removed and a simple one-step polish is performed on a fine-grit lapping film that requires less than 30 seconds to complete. The connector is then ready for use.

*ST is a trademark of Lucent Technologies

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