AMR Switches

AMR Switches

Murata offers a broad product portfolio of AMR sensors for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications, including open-close detection for consumer electronics and white goods, flow-rate detection for smart gas and water meters, and position-sensing for cylinder switches.

A Murata AMR sensor is a sensing device utilizing the magnetoresistance effect. It is comprised of four AMR elements and an IC circuit. Features include high sensitivity, narrow-sensitivity spec range, design flexibility, and reliable performance in different operating conditions.


  • Integrated magnetic switch comprised of MR elements and CMOS/Bipolar IC
  • Widely used as a "non-contact switch" by combining with a magnet
  • Broad offering of packages; supports different types of applications
  • Pole independent; operate with either positive or negative magnetic field
  • Excellent design flexibility compared to conventional Hall ICs (horizontal magnetic field sensing advantage)


  • Open-close detection for mobile phones, notebook PCs, tablet PCs, home appliances, security systems, copy machines, and more
  • Fluid/water level detection for various types of tanks, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and more
  • Rotation detection for hot water heaters, water meters, and gas meters, among others
  • Position detection: factory automation (pneumatic cylinder switches, and more)