CapSense Express™ Touch Sensing Controller

CapSense Express™ Touch Sensing Controller

The CapSense Express Touch Sensing Controller from Cypress, supported by PSoC Express™ Visual Embedded System Design Tool and the CapSense Express Configuration Tool, supports up to ten general purpose I/Os for buttons, a multi-segment slider, LEDs, and other general purpose functions. Simply select which function is needed for each I/O in the menu-driven CapSense Express Configuration Tool within PSoC Express and tune the parameters before applying the firmware to silicon. Your design is done in record speed – all without having to write a single line of code. It is that easy and quick to provide touch sensing capability to any application.

Rapid Time to Market for Touch Sensing Applications
  • Design touch sensing functionality in minutes
  • Quickly change functionality with the CapSense Express Configuration Tool
  • POoC Express visual real-time monitoring and tuning
  • No C or assembly code necessary via PSoC Express design software
  • Accommodates last-minute design changes
Broad and Flexible Functionality for Elegant and Sleek Looking Designs
  • Functionality configurable to Buttons, Sliders, LEDs, and user-defined input/output
  • Up to 10 General Purpose I/O including interrupt outputs and wake on interrupt input
  • Any function to any pin flexible routing
Reduction in Board Real-Estate and Cost
  • No external tuning components
  • No external oscillator or crystals
  • Multiple package options in tiny foot print

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