SA6xx Series RF / IF Building Blocks

SA6xx Series RF / IF Building Blocks

NXP's SA6xx series of RF/IF building blocks are ideal for a variety of niche RF products. Available in small-footprint packages, SA6xx solutions save PCB space while providing better RF performance. NXP's portfolio of highly-integrated solutions for low-voltage, battery-operated applications, which includes RF/IF building blocks, user-interface products, and RF discretes, incorporates the best of our industry-leading expertise in wireless technology. Every product in this category reflects the know-how gained from a history of RF innovation in cellular communications, peer-to-peer wireless networking, RFID tags, and high-end manufacturing. The result is a series of RF solutions that bring high integration and superior performance to a wide range of low-voltage, battery-operated wireless applications in Unlicensed Part 15 frequencies.

RF/IF Brochure

Application Notes:

  • An FM/IF system for DECT and other high-speed GFSK applications: AN1998 (SA639DH)
  • Reviewing key areas when designing with the SA605: AN1994 (SA605, SA615, SA604A, and SA614A)
  • High sensitivity applications of low-power RF/IF integrated circuits: AN1993 (SA602A, SA612A, SA604A, and SA614A)
  • FM/IF systems for SMSK/GFSK receivers: AN1997 (SA636DK)
  • Demodulating at 10.7 MHz IF with the SA605: AN1996 (SA605D)
  • Evaluating the SA605 SO and SSOP demo-board: AN1995 (SA605D)
  • Applying the oscillator of the SA602 in low-power mixer applications: AN1982 (SA602)
Product Highlights

SA614A (HXQFN16)

  • An excellent choice for implementing the ultrasound receivers used in things like arc fault interrupt detectors and fish finders.

SA616 (HVQFN20)

  • Provides enhanced receiver sensitivity and SINAD performance for applications like two-way radios and wireless medical monitoring.

SA636 (HVQFN20)

  • Functions as a low-noise, high-fidelity wireless microphone receiver with UHF diversity.