SocketModem® Shield - Adapter Developer Kit

SocketModem® Shield - Adapter Developer Kit

The SocketModem® Shield is a prototyping and development tool for cellular connectivity. It gives developers access to MultiTech’s extensive line of fully-certified embedded cellular SocketModem’s through an Arduino Shield interface, the de facto standard for accessory cards in the microcontroller development community. It is not only the fastest-way to prototype your next cellular solution, but by leveraging MultiTech’s portfolio of carrier approved SocketModems, developers move faster to a production-ready design.

MultiTech has developed mbed compatible software libraries to enable rapid development. Please visit MultiTech's mbed page for more information on this ARM-sponsored development ecosystem.


Arduino R3 compatible Shield Board mbed Software Library
  • SocketModem footprint for all major cellular technologies
  • Universal power supply and cellular antenna
  • Configurable signal routing for easy integration with a variety of developer boards
  • Works with all mbed-compliant developer boards
  • Simple C++ library
  • SMS, Radio Management, and IP Protocol Support 

This product also requires the following accessories

  • Cellular data plan and SIM card (SIM for GSM/UMTS radios only)
  • MultiTech SocketModem Cell or SocketModem iCell (e.g. MTSMC-H5-SP, MTSMC-C2-N3-SP, and MTSMC-EV3-N3-SP)
  • Arduino Shield-compatible development board

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