SolderTacts Contacts

SolderTacts Contacts

One-piece controlled-reflow-solder SolderTacts contacts from TE Connectivity are designed to terminate coaxial cables, shielded wires and twisted pairs faster and more reliably than other methods. SolderTacts contacts help eliminate the variables of crimping. The one-step installation process helps cut down on production time while reducing handling and installation costs.


  • One-piece contact design with integrated soldering technology
  • Controlled reflow soldering process yields reliable, consistent terminations
  • 360° shielding reduces crosstalk and improves signal transmission
  • One-step installation process
  • One contact fits multiple cable sizes
  • Reflow solder joints are strong and reliable
  • Terminations are fully inspectable
  • Termination available for coax cables, shielded pairs, twisted pairs, and triaxial cables
  • Compatible with a variety of commercial and military connectors
  • 150°C temperature rating
  • Commercial aerospace
  • Military aerospace
  • C4ISR
  • Ground defense
  • Military marine
  • Missile defense
  • Offshore/civil marine
  • Space