TPS92410 Linear Controller for Offline LED Drivers

TPS92410 Linear Controller for Offline LED Drivers

Texas Instruments' TPS92410 is an advanced linear driver with high-voltage start-up intended for use in low-power, offline LED lighting applications. It can be used to regulate the average LED current through LEDs in conjunction with the TPS92411 direct drive switch.

The TPS92410 features a reference voltage that can be used to set the current level as well as the thermal foldback threshold. A multiplier is included to obtain excellent power-factor while maintaining good line regulation. Other features include undervoltage lockout, overvoltage protection, forward phase dimmer detection with change to constant current mode, thermal foldback, and thermal shutdown.

  • Multiplier for good PFC, line regulation, and low THD
  • VIN range from 9.5 V to 450 V
  • Compatible with phase dimmers
  • Analog dimming input with LED turn-off
  • Programmable overvoltage protection
  • Precision 3 V reference
  • Thermal foldback
  • Thermal shutdown
  • No inductor required
  • 13-pin, high-voltage, SOIC package