UTL Series 3+3 Connectors

UTL Series 3+3 Connectors

Souriau’s UTL series is built around four key elements: dynamic IP68/69K, UV resistance, UL/IEC compliance, and easy-to-use thumb latch design. Now the UTL series has been expanded to offer a new unique hybrid layout combining signal and power in one innovative solution. The 3+3 contact arrangement has been designed to optimize signal integrity for RS-485 transmission (DMX and others) while simultaneously delivering a power supply to eliminate added connector and component costs.


  • Waterproof IP68/69K - remains sealed even in dynamic conditions including: immersion and use underwater or subjection to high-pressure hose cleaning operations
  • UL and IEC compliant
  • UV resistant for long outdoor life (F1 material per UL746C)
  • RS-485 termination resistor design feature for 120 Ohm impedance matching
  • Safe disconnect under power load to protect personnel from shock hazard – Connector for Breaking Circuit (CBC)
  • Simple thumb latch and push-pull locking mechanism design – easy-to-use and blind mate with audible click - eliminates connection uncertainty and helps reduce time and labor during installation
  • Rugged and ideal for use in harsh industrial conditions or extreme outdoor climatic conditions – including corrosion resistance up to 1,000 hours of salt spray
  • Flammability rating per UL94 5VA
  • 3-Signal + 3-Power contact arrangement in compact space saving-design – innovative alternative for DMX connector interface
  • Durable up to 1,000 mating cycles
  • Ideal for applications including lighting, building automation/control, solar, instrumentation and measurement, and much more

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