7.0" Resistive Touchscreen LCD GUI

7.0" Resistive Touchscreen LCD GUI
Future Designs' µEZ® GUI is a compact, highly integrated, LCD controller platform. The second in the family of µEZ GUI products, the µEZGUI-1788-70WVT has 8 MB of SDRAM and 8 MB of NOR Flash. The unit includes a 7.0" WVGA TFT LCD, with dimensions for the complete assembly of 6.7" x 5.2" x 0.55" tall. On-board features include USB device, microSD memory card, real-time clock with supercap backup, 3-axis accelerometer, temperature sensor, and mini JTAG connector. Optional features include an 802.11n Wi-Fi module and 128 Mbit serial PCM memory. The unit also supports the addition of an expansion board for additional communication interface options like USB Host, Ethernet, RS485, and RS232 support. The unit features a 16-bit per pixel (bpp) LCD interface and a fully integrated 4-wire resistive touch screen. The unit also includes an LED backlight power and control circuit.

The kit is based on FDI's µEZ® (pronounced "Muse") Rapid Development Platform which includes an extensive library of open-source software, drivers, and processor support, all under a common framework. μEZ development works on the premise of "design once, reuse many times." µEZ allows companies to focus on innovation and on their own value-added applications while minimizing development time and maximizing software reuse.

The kit includes a Segger J-Link Lite JTAG debugger and a demo version of the powerful Segger emWin GUI software development package along with all cables and a stylus for the touchscreen. All documentation is included on the 2 GB microSD card and when the unit is plugged into a PC the card appears as a USB Flash drive so the documentation can easily be copied to the PC.

UEZGUI-1788-70WVT Brochure
UEZGUI-1788-70WVT Quick Start Guide
UEZGUI-1788-70WVT Manual

  • 7.0" TFT WVGA 800 x 480 LCD panel with integrated touchscreen
  • 8 MB of SDRAM (optional to 32 MB)
  • 8 MB of NOR Flash (optional to 16 MB)
  • NV data storage via I²C EEPROM
  • USB device Mini-B for PC communications
  • 2 GB microSD memory card
  • Low power, real-time clock with supercap backup
  • Speaker, 3-axis accelerometer, temperature sensor
  • Mini-JTAG debug connector
  • Optional 128 Mbit serial PCM memory
  • Optional 802.11n Wi-Fi module
  • Support for customer down load of logos, JPEG images and menu keys
  • µEZ®/FreeRTOS rapid development platform
  • MicroSD card maps as USB Flash drive to the PC
  • µEZ® GUI enhancements with Nano-X/FLNX
  • Rowley CrossWorks compiler and tool suite
  • Segger J-Link Lite JTAG for programming and debug