bq27742-G1 Battery Fuel Gauge

bq27742-G1 Battery Fuel Gauge

Texas Instruments' bq27742-G1 is a fuel gauge for single-cell Li-ion battery packs that uses patented Impedance Track technology to deliver rate-, temperature-, and aging-compensated predictions of remaining battery capacity and system runtime with highest accuracy. The device also includes a fully integrated high-side protector that eliminates the need for a separate Li-ion protection circuit and provides a full suite of high-accuracy fault detections for overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent in charge, overcurrent in discharge, and short-circuit in discharge conditions. The hardware protection functions offer built-in data Flash-based programmability, allowing simple reconfiguration of existing devices for varying end-equipment needs.

Applications include Smartphones, tablets, handheld terminals, MP3 and multimedia players, and portable gaming.

  • Battery fuel gauge and protector for 1-series Li-ion applications
  • Microcontroller peripheral provides:
    • Precision 16-bit, high-side Coulomb Counter with low-value sense resistor (5 mΩ to 20 mΩ)
    • External and internal temperature sensors for battery temperature reporting
    • Lifetime and current data logging
    • 64 bytes of non-volatile scratch pad Flash
    • SHA-1 authentication capability
  • Battery fuel gauging based on patented impedance track technology
    • Models battery discharge curve for accurate time-to-empty predictions
    • Automatically adjusts for aging, self-discharge, and temperature- and rate-induced effects on battery
  • Integrated high-side NMOS protection FET drive
  • I²C format for communication with host system
  • Ultra-compact, 15-ball NanoFree™ Chip-Scale Package(CSP)

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