DRV10866 Brushless DC Motor Driver

DRV10866 Brushless DC Motor Driver

Texas Instruments' DRV10866 is a three-phase, sensorless motor driver with integrated power MOSFETs with drive current capability up to 680 mA peak. DRV10866 is specifically designed for low noise and low external component count fan motor drive applications. DRV10866 has built-in over-current protection with no external current-sense resistor needed. The synchronous rectification mode of operation achieves increased efficiency for motor driver applications. DRV10866 outputs either FG or ½ FG to indicate motor speed with open drain output. A 150° sensorless BEMF control scheme is implemented for a three-phase motor.

  • Input voltage range: 1.65 to 5.5 V
  • Six integrated MOSFETS with 680 mA peak output current
  • Ultralow quiescent current: 5 µA (typ) in standby mode
  • Total driver H+L RDSON 900 mΩ
  • Sensorless proprietary BMEF control scheme
  • 150° commutation
  • Synchronous rectification PWM operation
  • Selectable FG and ½ FG open-drain output
  • PWMIN input from 15 kHz to 50 kHz
  • Lock detection
  • Voltage surge protection
  • UVLO
  • Thermal shutdown

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