eGaN FETs-Based Wireless Power Transfer

eGaN FETs-Based Wireless Power Transfer

The superior characteristics of EPC's eGaN FETs, such as low-output capacitance, low-input capacitance, low-parasitic inductances, and small-size make them ideal for increasing efficiency in highly-resonant wireless power transfer systems.

The EPC9506, EPC9507, and EPC9508 are high-efficiency, zero-voltage switching (ZVS), class-D wireless power transfer amplifier (source) boards operating at up to 6.78 MHz.

The EPC9111 and EPC9112 are complete demonstration wireless power transfer kits. The kits include a source (or amplifier) board, class 3 A4WP-compliant source (or transmit) coil, and a category 3 A4WP-compliant device (or receiving) board including coil.