KZN Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

KZN Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

United Chemi-Con’s KZN series radial lead-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors are recommended for use for output smoothing of power supplies, VRMS's and adapters. In line with the current movement of downsizing power supplies in all equipment, aluminum electrolytic capacitors used in such applications are required to have longer life and higher ripple current capability.

The KZN series features long life and high ripple current capability through the use of a newly developed thermostable electrolyte. Compared with the existing KZM series, the KZN series realizes 1.3 times higher ripple current capability. When comparing the capacitors in the same ripple current value, the KZN series can be downsized by 40%, contributing to the downsizing of the output filter in power supplies.

  • Endurance:105°C, 6,000 to 10,000 hours
  • Voltage:6.3 to 100 V
  • Capacitance:8.2 to 22,000 μF
  • Size:φ5 × 11 L to φ18 × 40 L


  • Power supplies
  • Adapters
  • VRM