MIC33163/MIC33164 and MIC33263/MIC33264 Buck Regul

MIC33163/MIC33164 and MIC33263/MIC33264 Buck Regul

The MIC3316/MIC3326 from Microchip are high-efficiency, 4 MHz, 1 A and 2 A, synchronous buck regulators with an integrated inductor that provides the optimal trade-off between footprint and efficiency. In addition, the 100% duty cycle and HLL mode of operation delivers very high efficiency at light loads and ultra-fast transient response, which makes the MIC33163/MIC33164 and MIC33263/MIC33264 perfectly suited for any space-constrained application and a great alternative to low-dropout regulators. An additional benefit of this proprietary architecture is very-low output ripple voltage throughout the entire load range with the use of small output capacitors.

The ultra-low profile of 1.1 mm and 1.9 mm makes these parts perfect for embedded point-of-load applications by providing a small compact total solution with a 10 μF output capacitor and a few tiny external components.

The MIC33163/MIC33164 and MIC33263/MIC33264 have a very-low quiescent current of 33 μA and achieve as high as 85% efficiency at 1 mA. At higher loads, the MIC33163/MIC33164 and MIC33263/MIC33264 provide a constant switching frequency around 4 MHz while achieving peak efficiencies up to 93%. They also include undervoltage lockout to ensure proper operation under powersag conditions, internal soft-start to reduce inrush current, foldback current limit, Power Good indicator, and thermal shutdown. The MIC33164 incorporates an active discharge feature that switches a 180 Ω FET to ground to discharge the output when the part is disabled.

  • Ultra-low-profile 2.5 mm x 3.0 mm x 1.1 mm QFN packages
  • High switching frequency reduces output capacitor size
  • HyperLight Load® Control improves light load efficiency
  • EMI - Complies with CISPR 22 Class B specification
  • Integrated MOSFETs, inductor
  • Adjustable output voltage 0.8 V to 5.5 V
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Soft-start, Power Good