NFC Contactless Readers

NFC Contactless Readers

Designed for today’s compact systems, NXP's NFC controller solutions enable higher integration with fewer components since they combine an NFC frontend with an advanced 32-bit microcontroller. Options include integrated firmware for an easy, standardized interface or a freely-programmable microcontroller with the ability to load entire, fully-custom applications.

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PNEV512B Quick Startup Guide

NFC Washing Machine

NFC Cereal Box Enabling Video Game Characters

NXP's NFC Product Selector App

Key features and benefits

  • Broad product portfolio, from high output power reader to full NFC functionality
  • Support of ISO / IEC 14443 A and B, ISO / IEC 15693, FeliCa, ISO / NFC 18092, NFC-IP1 peer-to-peer (passive initiator mode), and full NFC functionality
  • Support of all smart card standards as well as NFC devices and NFC tags
  • High output power for maximum RF performance
  • Easy to design-in through dedicated development boards and SW libraries