PCM1861 Stereo Audio ADC

PCM1861 Stereo Audio ADC

Texas Instruments' PCM186x family of audio front-end devices takes a new approach to audio-function integration to ease compliance with European Ecodesign legislation while enabling high-performance end products. With no need for a 5 V supply or an external programmable-gain amplifier, smaller, smarter products are feasible at reduced cost.

The PCM186x’s highly flexible audio front-end supports input levels from small-mV microphone inputs to 2.1 VRMS line inputs without external resistor dividers. The PCM186x family integrates many system-level functions that assist or replace some DSP functions.

  • Universal analog mic input, 2.1 VRMS full scale
    • 8 analog inputs with MUX and PGA
    • Analog pre-mix function before PGA/MUX
    • Single-ended, pseudo-differential or differential inputs with mic bias
    • 4x Digital Microphone Inputs
    • Up to 4 mono ADC channels
  • Hardware control
  • H/W programmable gain amplifier
    • Fixed mic pregain select: 20, 32 dB (analog)
  • S/W programmable gain amplifier
  • Integrated high-performance audio PLL
  • ‘Energysense’ audio content detector, for auto system wakeup and sleep

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