PIC16(L)F170x/171x 8-bit MCU Family

PIC16(L)F170x/171x 8-bit MCU Family

Microchip the MPLAB code configurator is a user-friendly plugin that seamlessly integrates with an existing MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE) to generate easy to understand C code that is inserted into a project. Through an intuitive graphical user interface, it efficiently enables, configures and utilizes a rich set of peripherals across a select list of devices.

The PIC16(L)F170X and PIC16(L)F171X family of 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), combines a rich set of intelligent analog and core-independent peripherals, along with cost-effective pricing and eXtreme low power (XLP) technology. Available in 14-, 20-, 28-, 40-, and 44-pin packages, the 11-member PIC16F170X / 171X family of MCUs integrates two op amps to drive analog control loops, sensor amplification and basic signal conditioning, while reducing system cost and board space. These new devices also offer built-in zero cross detect (ZCD) to simplify TRIAC control and minimize the EMI caused by switching transients. Additionally, these are the first PIC16 MCUs with peripheral pin select, a pin-mapping feature that gives designers the flexibility to designate the pinout of many peripheral functions. The PIC16F170X / 171X are general-purpose MCUs that are ideal for a broad range of applications.


  • Flexible - you can use it for simple configuration of your microcontroller in-system or to create complex functions with groups of integrated peripherals. Many PIC MCUs and their peripherals are supported, with new ones added regularly.
  • Intelligent - MPLAB code configurator can alert you of a potential pin or function conflict. It creates efficient code with a small memory footprint.
  • Easy-to-use - intuitive graphical user Interface provides a visual representation of your selected PIC MCU, with an “aerial view” of the package. Pin selection and configuration is done via mouse click.
  • It's free - available as a plug-in for the free MPLAB X IDE. Learn more
Applications Additional Information
  • Consumer
    • Home appliances
    • Power tools
    • Electric razors
  • Portable medical
    • Blood-pressure meters
    • Blood-glucose meters
    • Pedometers
  • LED lighting
  • Battery charging
  • Power supplies
  • Motor control
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