RCM6600W Ultra-Compact Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi Bridge

RCM6600W Ultra-Compact Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi Bridge

Digi International RCM6600W is a fully customizable, ultra-compact embedded cloud module with an integrated 802.11b/g and 10/100 Ethernet interface. The dual-networking-interfaces software supports not only Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi bridging, but also provides secure 802.11i WPA2 support. The RCM6600W is easily programmable with royalty-free networking libraries, available in the comprehensive software environment Dynamic C. In addition, with up to six serial ports available, the RCM6600W can connect to a host of devices such XBee Zigbee modules, GPRS, and GPS devices, all of which have fully-supported libraries within Dynamic C. The RCM6600W supports the Device Cloud by Etherios platform which provides an easy-to-use interface for device control and monitoring. In addition, Device Cloud by Etherios provides a scalable platform which can manage firmware updates to literally thousands of devices with the click of a button, eliminating costly truck rolls. The capabilities and features of the RCM6660W address many common device deployment concerns, ultimately reducing development costs and time- to-market.

Features and Benefits
  • Integrated 802.11b/g and 10/100 Ethernet networking
  • 4 A/D inputs, 12-bit resolution
  • Clock speed up to 180 MHz
  • Throughput up to 40 Mbps Ethernet and up to 20 Mbps Wi-Fi
  • Manage firmware updates with Device Cloud by Etherios platform
  • Lightweight web server for monitoring and control
  • ZigBee® and GPS/3G cellular connectivity support
  • FCC and CE certified

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