UCC27528 Driver IC

UCC27528 Driver IC

Texas Instruments' UCC27528 is a dual non-inverting driver. The UCC27528 features a dual input design which offers flexibility of both inverting (IN- pin) and non-inverting (IN+ pin) configuration for each channel. Either IN+ or IN- pin can be used to control the state of the driver output. The unused input pin can be used for enable and disable functions.

For safety purposes, internal pull-up and pull-down resistors are on the input pins of all the devices in the UCC2752x family in order to ensure that outputs are held low when input pins are in the floating condition. UCC27528 features Enable pins (ENA and ENB) to have better control of the operation of the driver applications. The pins are internally pulled up to VDD for active high logic and can be left open for standard operation.

  • Industry-standard pin-out
  • Two independent gate-drive channels
  • 5 A peak source and sink drive current
  • CMOS input logic threshold
    (function of supply voltage on VDD pins)
  • Hysteretic logic thresholds for high noise immunity
  • Independent enable function for each output
  • Inputs and enable-pin voltage levels not restricted by VDD pin bias supply voltage
  • 4.5-18 V single supply range
  • Outputs held low during VDD UVLO, (ensures glitch-free operation at power-up and power-down)
  • Fast propagation delays (17 ns typical)

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