Variable Transformers

Variable Transformers

Staco Energy offers variable transformers in bench-top and panel-mount models. These variable transformers have many industrial and laboratory applications as basic components to control voltage, current, power, heat, speed, light and electromechanical force.

Staco research has developed design features and proprietary processes to provide longer lasting, more reliable products. Particularly important is the high-temperature foundation material bonding the coil securely to the core assembly. This material has a high thermal transfer characteristic so that it dissipates heat from the brush contact area, increases the heat distribution of the core itself, and provides the transformer with greater tolerance to transients and short-term overloads.

A basic Staco Energy variable transformer consists of a single-layer magnet wire winding on a toroidal core of laminated silicon steel. A carbon brush, connected to an output lead, is rotated over a precision ground, plated commutator track to tap off voltage at any turn from zero to the maximum output voltage of the winding.

Bench Top Models Features
  • A ventilated steel case
  • Input line cord and plug
  • NEMA-rated output receptacle
  • Illuminated on/off switch