AD7091R-2 Multichannel ADC

AD7091R-2 Multichannel ADC

The Analog Devices AD7091R-2/AD7091R-4/AD7091R-8 family is a multichannel 12-bit, ultra-low power, successive approximation analog-to-converter (ADC) that is available in two, four, or eight analog input channel options. The AD7091R-2/AD7091R-4/AD7091R-8 operate from a single 2.7 V to 5.25 V power supply and are capable of achieving a sampling rate of 1 mega samples per second (MSPS). The AD7091R-2/ AD7091R-4/AD7091R-8 contain a wide bandwidth track-and-hold amplifier that can handle input frequencies in excess of 1.5 MHz. The AD7091R-2/AD7091R-4/AD7091R-8 also feature an on-chip conversion clock, an on-chip accurate 2.5 V reference, and a high-speed serial interface.

The AD7091R-2/AD7091R-4/AD7091R-8 family offers up to eight single-ended analog input channels with a channel sequencer that allows a preprogrammed selection of channels to be converted sequentially.

The AD7091R-2/AD7091R-4/AD7091R-8 has a serial port interface (SPI) that allows data to be read after the conversion while achieving a 1 MSPS throughput rate. The conversion process and data acquisition is controlled using the CONVST pin.