ADA4610-2 JFET Dual Op-Amp

ADA4610-2 JFET Dual Op-Amp

The Analog Devices ADA4610-2 is a dual channel, precision JFET amplifier that features low input voltage and current noise, offset voltage, input bias current, and rail-to-rail output.

The combination of low offset, noise, and very-low input bias current makes these amplifiers especially suitable for high-impedance sensor amplification and precise current measurements using shunts. With excellent DC precision, low noise, and fast settling time the ADA4610-2 provides superior accuracy in medical instruments, electronic measurement, and automated test equipment. Unlike many competitive amplifiers, the ADA4610-2 maintains fast settling performance with substantial capacitive loads. Unlike many older JFET amplifiers, the ADA4610-2 does not suffer from output phase reversal when input voltages exceed the maximum common-mode voltage range.

The fast slew rate and great stability with capacitive loads make the ADA4610-2 a perfect fit for high-performance filters. Low input bias currents, low offset, and low noise result in a wide dynamic range for photodiode amplifier circuits. Low noise and distortion, high output current, and excellent speed also make the ADA4610-2 a great choice for audio applications.