AOK20B135D1 1350 V IGBT

AOK20B135D1 1350 V IGBT

Alpha and Omega's AOK20B135D1 is built upon the latest patent-pending AlphaIGBT technology platform and features industry-leading low VCE(SAT) and fast turn-off that reduces the power losses incurred during conduction and switching. The 1350 V minimum BVCES rating allows for a larger safety margin to prevent avalanche destruction from voltage transients. Furthermore, EMI is reduced as a result of very smooth turn-off current waveforms. The solution is aimed at home appliance applications such induction cooking, rice cookers, and inverter-based microwave ovens.

  • 1350 V IGBT with freewheeling diode in a TO-247 package
  • VCE(SAT) = 1.57 V typ (lowest in the industry)
  • VF = 1.46 V typ
  • IC (100°C) = 20 A
  • EOFF = 1.05 mJ
  • TJ(max) = 175°C
  • Induction cooking
  • Rice cookers
  • Microwave ovens
  • Other soft-switching applications

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