DRV10983 Sensorless BLDC Motor Controller

DRV10983 Sensorless BLDC Motor Controller

Texas Instruments' DRV10983 is a three-phase sensorless motor driver with integrated power MOSFETs, which can provide continuous drive current up to 2 A. The device is specifically designed for cost-sensitive, low-noise/low external component count applications.

The DRV10983 uses a proprietary sensorless control scheme to provide continuous sinusoidal drive, which significantly reduces the pure tone acoustics that typically occur as a result of commutation. The interface to the device is designed to be simple and flexible. The motor can be controlled directly through PWM, analog, or I²C inputs. Motor speed feedback is available through either the FG pin or I²C.

The DRV10983 features an integrated buck/linear regulator to efficiently step down the supply voltage to either 5 or 3.3 V for powering both internal and external circuits. The device provides a standby mode function to conserve power when the motor is not running. The regulator keeps running and is able to power an external microcontroller in the standby mode.

  • Input voltage range: 8 to 28 V
  • Total driver H + L RDSON: 250 mΩ
  • Drive current: 2 A continuous (3 A peak)
  • Sensorless proprietary Back Electromotive Force (BEMF) control scheme
  • Continuous sinusoidal 180° commutation
  • No external sense resistor required
  • For flexibility user may include external sense resistor to monitor power delivered to the motor
  • Integrated buck/linear converter to efficiently provide voltage (5 V/3.3 V) for internal and external circuits
  • Supply current 3 mA with standby mode
  • Overcurrent, voltage surge, and thermal shutdown protection

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