DRV2605 Haptic Driver

DRV2605 Haptic Driver

Texas Instruments' DRV2605 device is designed to provide extremely-flexible haptic control of ERM and LRA actuators over a shared I²C-compatible bus. This control relieves the host processor from ever generating pulse-width modulated (PWM) drive signals, saving both costly timer interrupts and hardware pins.

The DRV2605 device provides an extensive integrated library over 100 licensed effects from Immersion for ERM and LRA which eliminates the need to design haptics waveforms.

The DRV2605 offers a licensed version of the TouchSense 2200 software from Immersion, which includes the 2200 Effects Library, and 2200 audio-to-vibe features. Additionally, the real-time playback mode allows the host processor to bypass the library playback engine and play waveforms directly from the host through I²C.