DW Series Connectors

DW Series Connectors

Along with the expansion of green energy, such as solar power generation in order to stabilize current for electric power stations and to respond to the peak cut-and-shift in offices and HEMS at home for power-saving, the usage of storage battery systems to store electricity temporarily is increasing in a proactive manner.

The lithium-ion-type storage battery is increasing for storage systems, so to add to the power-supply-type options available, JAE has introduced a rack-and-panel-type complex connector with a signal contact to check the condition of a cell in consideration of the character which every cell has some variation in the amount of accumulation of electricity.

The DW Series connector could reduce manufacturing work time for customers and is available in four kinds of product lineup, including cable-type for small-scale storage.


  • Storage battery system related equipment
  • Electric power units
  • PCS (power conditioner)
  • Equipment industries, such as semiconductor manufacturing

JAE's Latest Developments in Battery Connector Technology for Commercial Energy Storage Systems

Video: Introduction of DW2 Series

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