High Accuracy Absolute Pressure Sensor

High Accuracy Absolute Pressure Sensor

Omron’s 2SMPB sensor will measure absolute pressure and temperature with high accuracy. Featuring built-in low noise 24-bit analog to digital converter with digital control and output via I2C interface. Unit will automatically power down non-working circuit to minimize current consumption. It is designed for wearables and portable device markets.

Omron's absolute pressure sensor is capable of accurately detecting 50 cm altitudinal variations through highly-precise sensing of air pressure fluctuation. By fully exploiting the latest MEMS technology, Omron has developed an absolute pressure meter that, despite its subminiature dimensions, is among the world's most accurate and power efficient. The absolute pressure sensor measures 3.8 mm x 3.8 mm x 0.92 mm, making it suitable for installation in small mobile devices and other compact hardware.

  • Smart phone
  • Activity monitor
  • Wearable device

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