High-Performance Snap-In Capacitors

High-Performance Snap-In Capacitors

Due to advances in industrial machinery efficiency, systems continue to require more compact, longer lasting, and more powerful components for inverter control circuits. Nichicon has snap-in-type capacitors with rated voltages up to 500 V and with 10,000 hours life at 105°C. By making these upgrades, we have a selection of capacitors with optimal specifications ideal for control circuits, inverters, power supplies, solar and wind power, and other renewable energy equipment. There are many key advantages to our high performance electrolytic capacitors. Here are five benefits to using them in your designs:

LQS Series: Rapid Charging and Discharging Nichicon’s LQS series is suited for high-frequency regenerative voltage for AC servomotors and switching power supplies. This series has special design features proprietary to Nichicon that allow for rapid charging and discharging.

LGX Series: High-Voltage/High Reliability Nichicon’s LGX series is made with high reliability foil and a high-voltage electrolyte for general inverters and power supplies withstanding up to 5,000 hours at 500 V.

LGL Series: Small Case Sizes Nichicon’s LGL series is made for tight spaces including equipment downsizing. Nichicon’s capacitors are designed to accommodate the miniaturization trend in the industry.

LGW Series: High Rated Ripple Current Nichicon’s LGW series is designed for applications which require high ripple currents. Nichicon’s rated voltage goes up to 450 V and the rated ripple goes up to 5220 mA.

LGR Series: Long Life Assurance Nichicon’s LGR series is designed for long life assurance withstanding 10,000 hours.

Series Life (hours) Max Voltage
LGL 2,000 450 volts
LQS 3,000 450 volts
LGR 10,000 450 volts
LGW 3,000 450 volts
LGX 5,000 500 volts

  • Snap-in caps are perfectly suited for filtering and storing input current, as well as the smoothing of the output current
    Rapid Charge and Discharge
  • Perfect for switching power supply designs that require rapid regenerative power
  • Often used in board designs for protection applications that guard against over-voltage