LED Lighting Internal Connectors

LED Lighting Internal Connectors

JAE's ES3 card-edge-type one-piece connector enables cable-less direct connection with the converter board for various LED lighting devices. Unlike the conventional connection method of soldering cables to the board, a one-touch and cable-less connection is now possible for supplying power to LED-mounted boards. In addition, this product can be SMT mounted at the same time as other parts, such as LEDs, and will contribute to reducing the number of parts and the processing cost for customers.

The small and low-profile ES5 series connector is a horizontally mated, 1 pin board-to-cable connector. To ensure a good click feeling and high retention force, and to prevent incomplete mating, the ES5 Series features a mechanical locking structure. The small size and low-profile (1.6 mm height) of this connector allow for greater design flexibility in meeting diverse product needs.

The ES9 series is a 2 or 4 position board-to-cable connector for supplying power in compact devices. It can be applied to various devices including LED lights, tablet PCs, LCD TVs, and other compact devices. It is capable of connecting wires up to 22 AWG, while maintaining a strong retention force, especially in the vertical direction.

ES10 series connector separates itself from other lighting connectors by requiring no soldering, which strengthens contact reliability, and not having any insulator, which saves space and cost. The ES10 series is a single-wire, single-contact connector, making insertion quick and easy. Its compact size makes this connector the smallest in the industry and minimizes mounting space needed to allow for design flexibility. This connector is well suited for use in a wide range of applications including LED lighting, LED TV backlight, tablet PC, and other compact devices.

ES3 Features ES5 Features
  • Cable-less converter board and LED mounting board connection contributes to cost savings for customers
  • Uses material selected for heat and light resistance (white Liquid Crystal Polymer)
  • Low-profile 1.6 mm mounting height, designed with consideration for light shielding
  • Designed to avoid unwanted effects on LED light emission by having contacts mostly concealed under the insulator
  • Allows reflow solder mounting to the LED mounting board at the same time other parts are mounted (Embossed package)
  • Current rating: 1 Amp (cardedge type), 2 Amp (cable-to-board type)
  • No insulator, low-profile design (connector height: 1.6 mm)
  • Detachable locking structure
  • Mis-mating prevention structure
  • Clear click feeling prevents incomplete mating
  • Receptacle is available in embossed reel packaging for automated mounting
  • Current rating: 4 Amps
ES9 Features ES10 Features
  • Available in 2 or 4 pin-counts
  • Power supply board-to-cable connector ideal for compact devices
  • Vertical mating maintains strong retention force
  • RoHS compliant and UL recognized
  • Compact and low-profile no insulator structure enhances design flexibility for customers
  • Just need to insert the stripped wire into the connector for connection. No soldering process needed
  • Improved insertion workability with a guiding mechanism at the single-wire insertion area
  • Improved contact reliability with an original spring contact structure