THS4541 High-Speed Differential I/O Amplifier

THS4541 High-Speed Differential I/O Amplifier

Texas Instruments' THS4541 is a low-power, voltage-feedback, fully differential amplifier (FDA) with an input common-mode range below the negative rail, and rail-to-rail output. Designed for low-power data acquisition systems where high density is critical in a high-performance analog-to-digital converter (ADC) or digital-to-analog converter (DAC) interface design.

The THS4541 features the negative-rail input required when interfacing a DC-coupled, ground-centered, source signal. This negative-rail input, with rail-to-rail output, allows for easy interface between single-ended, ground-referenced, bipolar signal sources and a wide variety of SAR, ΔΣ, or pipeline ADCs using only a single +2.7 to +5.4 V power supply.

  • Fully-Differential Amplifier (FDA) architecture
  • Bandwidth: 500 MHz (G = 2 V/V)
  • Gain bandwidth product: 850 MHz
  • Slew rate: 1500 V/µs
  • HD2: –95 dBc at 10 MHz (2 VPP, RL = 500 Ω)
  • HD3: –90 dBc at 10 MHz (2 VPP, RL = 500 Ω)
  • Input voltage noise: 2.2 nV/Hz (f > 100 kHz)
  • Low offset drift: ±0.5 µV/°C (typ)
  • Negative Rail Input (NRI)
  • Rail-to-Rail Output (RRO)
  • Output common-mode control
  • Power-down capability: 2 µA (typ)

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