TPS92561 Boost Controller for LED Lighting

TPS92561 Boost Controller for LED Lighting

Texas Instruments' TPS92561 device is a boost controller for LED lighting applications utilizing high-voltage, low-current LEDs. A boost converter approach to lighting applications allows the creation of the smallest volume converter possible and enables high efficiencies beyond 90%. The device incorporates a current sense comparator with a fixed offset enabling a simple hysteretic control scheme free of the loop compensation issues typically associated with a boost converter.

The TPS92561EVM-001 implements a phase-dimmable off-line PFC Boost LED driver using the TPS92561 integrated circuit from Texas Instruments. The TPS92561 is based on a hysteretic current control scheme that provides the benefits of high power factor, low THD and fast transient response, without requiring complex loop compensation. The EVM can support applications up to ~12 W.

Design Calculator - Texas Instruments' TPS92561 Design Calculator is an Excel based design tool to aid in determining external component values for the TPS92561 phase-dimmable, single-stage boost controller for LED lighting.

  • Simple hysteretic control
  • Compact solution and simple bill Of materials
  • Naturally dimmable TRIAC and reverse phase dimmers
  • Implements LED drive circuits capable of high >90% efficiency,
    >0.9 power factor, and <20% THD
  • Programmable output over-voltage protection
  • Overtemperature shutdown
  • VCC undervoltage lockout
  • 8-pin VSSOP (MSOP) with exposed pad

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